Cicada Killing Wasps

Cicada Killing Wasp

Cicada Killing Wasps are large, solitary wasps that feed on cicadas. They are very large in size and resemble a very large and giant yellow jacket wasp. Although big in size, these wasps are NOT considered dangerous and are not known to attack or sting humans unless provoked.

Is this a murder hornet?!

cicada killer
cicada killer

Cicada Killing Wasps are NOT the invasive murder hornet. The murder hornet is an invasive species currently only found sporadically in the upper north west of the United States. The cicada killing wasp is a native species that is slightly smaller than the murder hornet and far less aggressive.

Cicada killing wasps hunt and paralyze a cicada and drags it back into its underground nest. The nest can be found by looking for a large amount of excavated soil in the lawn. At one end of the pile of soil will be a 1/2″ hole that the wasp creates to bring the cicada back to.

Once the cicada is brought into the hole in the ground, the cicada wasp lays an egg on the still alive but paralyzed cicada. As the egg hatches, the larval cicada wasp will feed on the paralyzed cicada and use its nutrients to development into an adult cicada killing wasp.

Are Cicada Wasps Dangerous?

cicada wasp
cicada wasp

Female cicada killing wasps do have stingers but only use them to paralyze and capture cicadas. The male cicada wasps do not even have stingers! Unless you really provoke these wasps, they will not sting you.

Should you kill cicada killing wasps?

Cicada killing wasps are considered beneficial because they reduce the cicada population and are not aggressive to humans and pets. If they can be left alone, then treatment is not necessary.

When cicada wasps decide to make their nests at the front door of homes or where humans and pets are frequently hanging out, then treatment can be necessary.

How to treat and prevent Cicada Wasps?

Finding and treating each and every hole in the yard with an approved pesticide. We use an insecticidal dust that we apply into each and every cicada killing wasp hole in the yard.

For the wasps that are hovering around the yard, then a broadcast spray may be necessary. We always use an approved pesticide that will treat the cicada killing wasps but not impact good pollinators in the area.

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