Invisible Rodent Treatments

Rodent control does not have to be visible to your clients and staff. Commercial properties such as restaurants, hotels, warehouses, storage facilities and others require preventative rodent control measures to prevent and minimize rodent populations. That doesn’t mean that your rodent control has to be visible and announced to the entire world though! Check out what invisible rodent treatments look like.

Rodent control around the outside of a commercial building involves sealing up rodent entrances and reducing rodent populations. Sealing up the outside of the building is a service that prevents mice and rodents from entering the building and helps to prevent infestations. Rodent control stations reduce mouse and rodent populations around the outside of the building to help prevent infestations. 

Why shouldn’t you use those “black boxes”?

Often, pest control companies will use these black box style rodent control stations to reduce rodent populations. These black box style stations are extremely visible and are prone to damage and theft if left in high traffic areas. They also scream “there’s a rodent problem here” which is not the look you want in a commercial setting.

We use the black style boxes as well as some that look like landscape rocks to control rodent populations around residential houses where the foot traffic is less and we can conceal them behind landscaping and shrubbery.

What is discreet rodent control?

We offer a vast array of rodent control solutions that are effective and camouflaged. For example, we have a rodent control station that looks just like an electrical box. This electrical box station is mounted directly to the outside of the building and can be placed in very high traffic areas. Since it is attached directly to the building and looks just like an electrical box, people and clients will walk right past it without giving it a second glance. Rodents , however, will enter the station and the rodent control will proceed without anyone being the wiser. Since the stations are connected to the building, the chances of theft, damage, or negative visibility is virtually zero! 

discreet rodent control
hidden rodent control bait station

How does a rodent bait station work?

All rodent control stations work by placing rodenticidal bait into the station. The bait is secured so that rodents cannot “walk off” with the bait. The mice and rodents enter the station, feed, and then are free to leave. This style of rodent control is very effective at reducing mouse and rodent populations are a commercial structure. When we lower the rodent population around a structure, we reduce the likelihood of rodents entering a structure.  

How is rodent bait integrated into your rodent control program?

Want a discreet and effective way of controlling the mouse and rodent populations around your building? Prudential Pest Solutions has the rodent control solutions for you!  With an effective sealing and exterior baiting program in place, we can effectively and permanently resolve your rodent issues quickly.  

How to reach us

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