Main Line Bed Bug Exterminators

Prudential Pest Solutions are the Main Line Bed Bug Exterminators. Whether you live in Malvern PA or Lower Merion, we are the professionals to call when you suspect you have bed bugs. Having bed bugs can be a stressful and emotionally taxing time. Our Main Line Bed Bug treatments will return the peace back into your home!

Some of the many areas on the Main Line we service include:

Main Line Bed Bug Inspections

The idea that there are insects living in your bed that feed on you at night can be a very uncomfortable, terrifying, and distressing feeling. Before we can schedule a bed bug treatment, we need to verify that you do have bed bugs. There are other pests that can bite and look like bed bugs such as spiders, fleas, carpet beetles, mosquitoes, and others.

We cannot verify bed bugs based on bite marks alone. This is because everyone reacts differently to insect bites. Prudential Pest Solutions will look for more concrete signs of bed bug infestations. This includes live or dead bed bugs, eggs, excrement, or bed bug casings. If we find any of the beforementioned bed bug evidence, we will then recommend a treatment.

Main Line Bed Bug Treatments

After it is confirmed that you have bed bugs, we will schedule a bed bug treatment. Before the treatment, the home needs to be prepared for the treatment. We will send out a preparation sheet before the treatment to be completed. This includes de-cluttering the home, laundering clothing and bedding on HIGH heat, and providing access to the walls and furniture.

Our bed bug treatment process looks like this:

MainLine Bed Bug Treatments
  • Vacuum and remove live and dead bed bugs and their eggs
  • Chemically treat the areas with a liquid bed bug product
  • Treat the wall voids and cracks and crevices with a bed bug insecticidal dust
  • Treat using an aerosolized bed bug product
  • Vacuum again to remove any bed bugs that emerge during the treatment process
  • Perform a follow-up treatment (included in the initial cost) 7-14 days after the initial service to ensure a complete and professional treatment

Main Line Bed Bug Experts

Prudential Pest Solutions are the Main Line’s Bed Bug Experts! Our affordable, effective, and professional bed bug treatments can and will resolve ANY bed bug infestation you have. We are a veteran and family owned bed bug treatment and exterminating company servicing the Main Line and the surrounding areas.

MainLine Bed Bug Evidence
MainLine Bed Bug Evidence

If you have bed bugs, or think you do, it’s time to call the experts at Prudential Pest Solutions. You can call or text us at (484) 401-4361 to speak with a bed bug expert.