GIANT Yellow Jacket Nest in the Attic in Wernersville PA

Yellow Jacket Nest Attic Wernersville

A new client in Wernersville PA was noticing yellow jackets in their upstairs bedroom. The yellow jackets were alive and dead at the only window in the room. They suspected they had a yellow jacket nest so they called the experts at Prudential Pest Solutions!

During our initial inspection, we opened up the access door to the attic space which was in the same room as the yellow jackets they were seeing. Immediately I could see the yellow jacket nest spanning the bay between two ceiling joists at the lower corner of the attic.

The homeowner and I left the attic and closed the door so that I could don my bee suit and get to work. This yellow jacket nest was pretty big and exposed. That made it relatively easy to locate and treat the nest.

GIANT Yellow Jacket Nest in the Attic in Wernersville PA
GIANT Yellow Jacket Nest in the Attic in Wernersville PA

We began by removing some of the stored objects in the attic so that we had as much room as possible to work. When you are treating a yellow jacket nest in the lower section of the attic, you MUST have the correct protective gear on.

In addition to my sting protection gear, I also wore my half-face respirator. This is because we use an aerosol insecticide to treat the nest and you do NOT want to breathe in the chemicals. The chemical product I really like for treating yellow jacket nests is PT PI made by BASF. Not only does this product permeate the nest completely, but it also works to kill the yellow jackets VERY quickly.

Yellow Jacket Nest in Attic in Wernersville PA
Yellow Jacket Nest in Attic in Wernersville PA

This fast acting action is required when you are working up close and personal with hundreds of stinging insects! I begin the treatment by injecting the PT PI into different sections of the nest. This is because the nest will have many layers under the paper shell and we want to treat as much of the nest as we can.

You will know when you have successfully reached the bulk of the nest because the nest will “come alive” with noise. It sounds like a very loud, synchronized buzzing noise that lets you know you have applied the chemical where it needs to go. Once the noise starts to quiet down, indicating that the many yellow jackets are now dead, we begin to remove the nest.

Yellow Jacket Nest removed from attic Wernersville
Yellow Jacket Nest removed from the attic in Wernersville PA

As we expose more of the nest during the removal, we will continue to apply the PT PI to ensure that every nook and cranny of the nest has been treated. This nest was quite large and we were able to remove it in pretty good sized chunks.

After the nest has been removed, we apply a long term residual insecticidal dust or powder to the area where the nest was located. This dust will treat and prevent any new yellow jackets from setting up shop where this nest was.

After the dust has been applied, I use a battery powered backpack vacuum to suck up any remaining live and dead yellow jackets, and nesting material from the area. Our clients NEVER have to do any clean-up when we are finished with a job.

This job took place in November which is the very tail end of the yellow jacket season. Had this nest been located outside and not causing any issues, we probably would have let it die off on its own. Yellow jackets all die off in the winter, except for fertilized queens which survive to the next year.

yellow jacket expert in Wernersville PA
yellow jacket expert in Wernersville PA

Since this nest was inside and the attic and homeowner was having live and dead yellow jackets in the house, the nest had to be treated and removed.

We are the yellow jacket EXPERTS! Prudential Pest Solutions is a VETERAN and FAMILY Owned and Operated pest control and exterminating company.

We service Wernersville, Berks County, and the surrounding areas including Chester County, Lancaster County, and Many More!

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met a yellow jacket exterminator like me before!

If you have a yellow jacket, hornet, bee, or wasp issue, its time to call in the professionals at Prudential Pest Solutions!

Give us a call or text us (484) 401-4361 to speak with a yellow jacket expert.

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