Hornet Nest Removal in Downingtown PA

Hornet Nest Removal Downingtown

Our client in Downingtown PA had a GIANT bald faced hornet nest in the eaves on the back of their home. They knew they needed a Hornet Expert so they called Prudential Pest Solutions to treat and remove their bald faced hornet nest.

This nest was located about 20 feet off the ground so we needed our extension ladder to reach the nest. I like to get as close as possible to the hornet nest so that we can treat and remove the nest.

After I put on my bee suit, I climbed the ladder to get as close as possible to the nest. It is important to make sure you have all of your protective sting gear on before the treatment because Bald Faced Hornets can pack quite a punch when they sting.

When I got my camera close to the nest to video the opening, the hornets began to come out of the nest to investigate the intruder. Using my favorite hornet treating chemical, PT PI, I began the treatment. PT PI works very well for this treatment because it works quickly and permeates the entire interior of the nest.

Hornet Nest Removal in Downingtown PA
Hornet Nest Removal in Downingtown PA

I begin the treatment by applying the PT PI into the main opening of the nest. This creates a dam of dead hornets which traps the remaining live hornets in the nest. I then pierce the PT PI applicator into the side of the nest to finish off the remaining hornets in the nest.

Once the activity inside the nest subsides, I scrape the nest off of the house. There are always some hornets that are outside of the nest during the treatment. These hornets will congregate where the nest was located on the outside of the house.

It is interesting that the hornets will not gather at the actual nest that we removed. They will gather where the nest USED to be, on the eaves of the house. For these hornets, we will spray a liquid insecticide that has a residual element onto the surface of the eave and soffit. This liquid insecticide will kill off the remaining hornets that are there and any that return to the area.

Hornet Nest Treatment in Downingtown PA

The hornet nest that we removed was slightly smaller than a basketball which is a pretty good sized hornet nest. I always like to show the inner workings and inner structure of the nest after we remove it.

It is interesting to see how the hornets construct their nest and how many new hornets would have emerged in the coming days and weeks. The queen does not leave the nest and would have been killed during the treatment process.

This means that there is no way for any remaining hornets to re-build the nest. If you are interested in learning how bald faced hornets make their nests, we have a video that shows the process.

If you have a hornet, yellow jacket, wasp, or bee issue, it’s time to call the professionals at Prudential Pest Solutions. We are the EXPERTS at treating and removing stinging insect nests.

Hornet Nest Treatment and Removal in Downingtown PA
Hornet Nest Treatment and Removal in Downingtown PA

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