How to prevent animals under your shed

Wild animals, such as groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, and others, can take up residence under your shed, porch, or deck. In this article we will discuss how to remove animals from under these structures and preventing them in the future.

DigDefence Installed under a deck to prevent animals
DigDefence Installed under a deck to prevent animals

Burrowing wildlife will often dig under sheds, porches, and decks to create their homes. Typically a homeowner will either notice the animal going under the structure or they will see the evidence of digging.

The first step is to remove the animal and ensure that there are no other animals under the structure. This is accomplished by trapping or the use of one-way doors. We do not want to install any wildlife prevention if there are still animals under the structure.

Wildlife Trapping

Trapping and removing the nuisance wildlife can be accomplished with live traps or cage traps. A trap is placed over the opening or nearby and is baited to entice the animal(s) into the trap. Once captured, the animal is removed from the premesis.

Use of One-Way Doors

One-way doors are spring loaded eviction devices that allow the animal to exit but not re-enter. In order for this method to work, the entire porch, shed, or deck needs to be screened off leaving only the animal entrance open. Then the one-way door is installed over the animal entrance which allows the animal(s) to exit from under the structure and then not be able to re-enter. This method is useful when the homeowner has already committed to using an exclusion product such as DigDefence.

squirrel one-way door over gable vent

This method is useful when the homeowner has already committed to using an exclusion product such as DigDefence.

Prevent Animals under your shed

There are 2 solutions to preventing animals from getting under your shed, deck, or porch. Both solutions utilize the same concept of preventing digging animals from going under structures.

DigDefence Animal Prevention

The first choice for our wildlife prevention services is to install DigDefence. Digdefence is a solid metal fencing type product that is durable and animal-proof. Unlike the Digdefence residential product, our commercial grade product will keep any wildlife out and keep them out!

You can see how we install Digdefence in this installation video:

How does DigDefence work?

Our commercial grade Digdefence animal prevention system will prevent even the strongest of animals from getting through. This is due to the heavy steel construction and how we actually install the product. The Digdefence can only be cut to size using bolt cutters or an angle grinder. Since most animals don’t have access to these tools, or have the thumbs to use them, they cannot penetrate through the DigDefence.

We install Digdefence flush with the structure and drive it into the ground at lease 12″. This depth prevents an animal from digging under the DigDefence and entering the structure.

DigDefence Stops Skunks and Groundhogs
DigDefence Stops Skunks and Groundhogs

DigDefence works great for larger animals but does not work for smaller animals. Animals such as mice, rats, snakes, and chipmunks are small enough to get in-between the individual spikes of the DigDefence. For smaller animals, I would recommend using 1/2″ or 1/4″ hardware cloth.

Other Wildlife Prevention Options

Whether you are dealing with smaller animals or want to try something other than DigDefence, then there is another option. This option is more labor intensive but is equally as effective.

Hardware Cloth to prevent animals

Using hardware cloth, a sturdier version of chicken wire, can be an effective solution for keeping animals out from under a structure. First you must create a trench around the structure. I recommend a shovel wide width of the trench. The trench should be approximately 18″ in depth. Next, connect the hardware cloth to the structure and bend it straight down into the trench and then bend it 90 degrees out into the trench. This will secure the hardware cloth and prevent animals from digging under the structure. Re-fill the trench and you are done!

You can check out the difference between hardware cloth and DigDefence here:

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