Bat Removal Reading PA

Prudential Pest Solutions provides a full range of bat services and bat removal Reading PA. Bats are very beneficial to have around your house, just not IN the house! We do not kill bats, but humanely and effectively remove and evict bats from structures. If you live in or near Reading PA and have a bat issue, give the professional bat specialists at Prudential Pest Solutions a call!

Bat Removal Process

Our bat removal process is the same whether you have a few bats in your attic or an entire colony of 100+ bats in your house. The first step is to identify and seal up any and ALL current and potential bat entrances around the home. We leave the main bat entrance open so that we can install a bat eviction cone.

Bat Cones are used to allow bats to leave but not re-enter

Once the entire house is sealed up and the main bat entrance is open, we install a bat eviction cone over the main bat entrance. The bat cone is a smooth surfaced, tapered cone that allows bats to exit the structure but not re-enter. For the bat project in Reading PA, we installed the bat cone over a large gap under the gutter where the fascia board had pulled away from the brick wall.

Once the bats are gone, usually 1-2 weeks, we will remove the bat cone and seal up the remaining entrance.

The bats are gone, now what?

Once the bats have been successfully evicted there are 2 very important steps that need to be completed before the bat job is complete. The first step is to treat the area where the bats were living with an insecticide that treats for bat bugs.

bat bug

Bat bugs are the direct cousin of the bed bug, and like their cousin, they are blood feeding insects. Once the bats are gone, the bat bugs begin looking for a new food source. This new food source is often times the homeowners!

Bat Dropping Removal Reading PA

Bat droppings, when located inside of a structure, can cause serious health hazards to the occupants of the home. Bat droppings, or guano, should never be swept up to remove. This is because there is a fungal spore that grows on the bat droppings that causes severe respiratory issues in humans when the spores become airborne. We disinfect the droppings and then safely remove them with a HEPA filtered vacuum to ensure that none of the particles become airborne and turn into inhalation hazards.

Where are the common ways that bats enter a structure?

Bats do not need a large space to enter a home or structure. In this situation, the Reading PA home had the bats entering the home through gaps under the fascia board and where the dormer windows meet the main roof of the house. Here is a video of some common areas around the home where bats can enter:

Bat Professionals in Reading PA

Prudential Pest Solutions is a fully licensed and insured wildlife and pest control company. We have permits through the Pennsylvania Game Commission to humanely, safely, and effectively handle and remove ANY bat issue you have. As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met a bat professional like me before!

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