Berks County Bat Removal

Prudential Pest Solutions are Berks County Bat Removal specialists! We are fully licensed, insured, and experienced to handle and remove ANY bat issue you have. From a single bat in the home, to evicting entire bat colonies from a structure, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done! If you have a bat issue in or near Berks County, we can help.

Why do I have bats?

Bats, like other nuisance animals, sometimes find gaps and cracks in homes where they can enter the structure. In the video above, we highlight some of the most common areas where bats enter homes. Bats do not need a large opening to enter a house and we are experts at finding and eliminating any and all bat entrances.

How do we remove bats in Berks County?

First things first, we do not harm or kill bats! Bats are very beneficial creatures to the environment and to the local ecosystem. Our bat removal process involves using passive techniques to evict the bats from a home and not allow them to re-enter.

The key to effective bat control and prevention is to identify and eliminate any and all bat entrances around the structure. We identify the main bat entrance and install a bat excluding device over the opening. We then seal up all of the other areas around the home.

bat removal
bat removal

Using Bat Cones to get the bats out

Bat cones are tapered bat eviction devices that allow bats to exit the home but not re-enter. When installed over the bat entrance, the cone funnels the bats out of the house and prevents them from coming back. The bat cone should be installed in a downward angle to help facilitate the eviction process.

Bat Bugs and Bats in Berks County

Once the bats have been evicted successfully, we perform a very critical step…. we treat for bat bugs. Bat bugs, the cousin of the bed bug, are blood feeding insects that feed on bats and bat colonies. Once the bats have been evicted, the bat bugs don’t simply disappear, they will search for a new food source, the homeowners living below!

Our bat bug treatments will prevent your home from being infested by these blood feeders!

bat bug
bat bug on a bat

Bat Dropping Cleanup and Removal in Berks County

After the bats are gone and the bat bugs have been treated and eradicated, the clean-up and disinfection of the bat droppings can begin. Bat droppings, or guano, although beneficial to the gardener, can harbor dangerous fungal spores. These fungal spores, when airborne, can cause serious medical issues to humans.

Anytime we remove bat droppings from a structure we wear respirators and protective clothing. We then disinfect the droppings using a hospital grade disinfectant. This process will kill off the spores and also helps to keep any particles from going airborne. Then, using a HEPA filtered vacuum, we safely remove the bat droppings.

Bat droppings in a structure should NEVER be swept up as this will cause particles to go airborne and become an inhalation hazard.

Bat Experts in Berks County

Prudential Pest Solutions is a VETERAN and FAMILY owned and operated bat control and wildlife control company. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission to humanely and effectively remove and prevent bats from structures.

We remove and prevent bats and bat colonies in the following areas:

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