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Hotel Pest Control

Ask any traveler what their number one pest fear is when staying in a hotel and they will most likely answer “bed bugs”. This is a very common and real concern for both travelers and hotel owners. Hotel Pest Control is a process that involves cooperation between the hotel ownership, staff, and pest control professional.

Common Pests in Hotels

  • Bed Bugs
  • Roaches
  • Rodents
  • Nuisance pests like flies and ants

Bed Bugs in Hotels

The average hotel has hundreds, if not thousands, of travelers that come and go every year. By simple probability alone, a hotel is bound to have a bed bug introduced into their facility at some point. How the hotel reacts to that introduction is what makes the difference.

Hotel Bed Bug Training

The first step in any hotel bed bug program is training. Hotel staff need to be trained to look for evidence of bed bug activity in the rooms. This is especially important for the housekeeping staff. The housekeeping staff is the first line of defense against bed bug infestations. As they are changing linens and bedding, the housekeeping staff should be looking for evidence of bed bugs.

We offer extensive training to our hotel clients because we believe that first detection and identification is critical. Our training is included in our pest service plans.

If you want to know more about bed bug signs and evidence, you can check out our bed bug page here.

Hotel Bed Bug Protocol

Once evidence of bed bugs have been confirmed in the hotel, a bed bug protocol should be followed. This hotel bed bug protocol will vary by hotel and by pest control company. Here is a sample of a bed bug process once evidence has been found.

  • Isolate the infested room so the infestation is not spread room to room.
  • Housekeeping should remove the bedding and linen and place in a sealed plastic trash bag.
  • Housekeeping should keep the bedding and linen separate from other bedding in the hotel. This infested bedding should be washed and dried on HIGH heat by itself.
  • The pest control company should be notified so that a bed bug treatment can be scheduled.
  • The pest control company should treat the infested room as well as the rooms on either side of the infested room. The room across the hall as well as the room above and below the infested room should also be checked and treated if necessary.
  • The pest control company should inspect any common area, laundry room, and elevator and treat if necessary.
  • Depending on the preference of the pest control company, they may treat the hotel bed bugs with chemical, heat, or a combination of both.
  • You can find out more about our bed bug treatment process here.
  • Room should not be occupied until the bed bug issue has been resolved. This may take a few follow-up visits to exterminate the hotel bed bugs.
  • A tracking and record sheet should be kept to track bed bug treatments in rooms.

Hotel Bed Bug Treatments

Depending on the size of the hotel and frequency of bed bug issues will determine the type of bed bug treatment used. Some hotels opt to purchase very expensive heat treatment equipment so that they can begin bed bug treatments immediately. Other hotels hire pest control companies to treat and inspect for bed bugs. Both of these options are great.

Some hotels, however, try to treat the bed bug issue themselves. This often results in the use of sprays and “bombs” which do not resolve the bed bug problem. In fact, oftentimes the bed bug problem becomes much, much worse. This results in the bed bugs being found in multiple rooms on multiple floors. The monetary loss due to not renting the rooms combined with a bad reputation often causes these hotel owners tens of thousands of dollars.

Where to look for bed bugs in hotels

When I stay at hotels I always check the bed for bed bug activity BEFORE I unpack and get settled. The first thing I do is place my suitcase in the tub and inspect the bed, bedding, and headboard. If I see live or dead bed bugs, or bed bug excrement, I’m out of there.

You can learn more about where bed bugs like to hang out by clicking here.

Want to prevent taking bed bugs home? Check out this article here.

Does this hotel have bed bugs?

With so many people coming and going out of a hotel every year, they are bound to have a bed bug introduced at some point. The difference between a few rooms having bed bugs over the course of years versus the entire hotel having bed bugs is huge. There are a few registries that you can check out to see if your hotel has bed bugs. Remember, that a bed bug can be gotten anywhere, it’s how the hotel responds that counts.

Roaches in Hotels

Another pest commonly found in hotels are cockroaches. These pests are synonymous with moisture, filth, and poor hygiene. With such a bad reputation, it is easy to see why hotels do not want a roach infestation.

Most of the roach issues we find in hotels are found in 3 areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Pool Area

In all three of these areas, there is moisture and warmth present. Roaches are carriers of many diseases and should be treated by a pest control professional. Bug “bombs” and fogs usually scatter the roaches and make the infestation much worse.

To learn more about roaches and roach treatments, check out our roach page here.

Hotel Rodent Control

Rodents and mice in hotels usually hang out in the same areas as the roaches. Basements, kitchens, common areas, and utility rooms are prime areas to inspect for rodent infestations. Just like roaches, rodent activity is a sign to the visitor that this hotel is not clean. Rodents are known to carry disease and they can contaminate food with their droppings and urine.

Rodent Control in Hotels

When dealing with rodents in hotels, the health and safety of the public is of top priority. Placement of rodent bait or other control devices MUST be placed out of reach and view of the guests staying in the hotel. Always follow the directions labeled on the rodent bait before applying. A professional pest control company should handle your rodent issues as part of their normal service plan.

You can find out more about rodent control here.

Hotel Pest Service Plans

Hotel Pest Control service plans are critical in identifying and preventing insect and pest infestations. Our hotel service plans include inspecting and treating a certain number of rooms every month. If no issues are present, rooms are inspected or treated on a preventative basis. By the end of the year, every room should be inspected whether it had a pest issue or not. A detailed tracking and inspection sheet should be maintained on site.

With so many people coming and going out of hotels every year, introduction of pests is inevitable. Preventing infestations is what the goal should be for any hotel pest control plan. Training, Communication, Treatment, and Tracking are the keys to an effective hotel pest control program.

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