Pest Control Vacuum

Pest Control Vacuum

Why does Prudential Pest Solutions use a vacuum as part of their pest control and exterminating services? The answer is simple, why should YOU have to do any work after you hire a pest control professional? Not only do we clean up the mess we make during a treatment, but we also remove hazardous waste from your home.

Insects, rodents, and wildlife leave behind more than a bad memory when they are living in your home. Droppings, urine, and dead carcasses can lead to poor indoor air quality in your home. Is you current exterminator leaving the cleanup up to you?!

Prudential Pest Solutions utilizes a special bug vacuum to suck up and remove droppings and dead carcasses of insects, rodents, and wildlife. Our vacuum has a HEPA filter to make sure that we are not spreading or making airborne any contaminated material.

Pest Control Vacuum
Chemical Free Pest Control Chester County

Cleaning up Rodent Droppings

Rodents living in your home or business can cause health concerns to the occupants. The rodent droppings can lead to contaminated food, water, and air quality. As part of our rodent treatments, we vacuum and remove the accessible droppings.

By vacuuming the rodent droppings we accomplish 2 things. First we are improving the indoor health and air quality of your home by removing the droppings. Secondly, by removing the droppings we can see if there is still rodent activity that requires additional rodent treatments.

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Bed Bug Vacuum

Bed Bug Treatments West Chester
Bed Bug Treatments West Chester

We love to use our bug vacuum during and after bed bug treatments. Bed bugs live in cracks and crevices in and near your bed. They deposit eggs as well as excrement in these areas too. Our bed bug vacuuming will remove adults and eggs. This makes our treatments MORE effective. After the treatment, we vacuum again to remove any adults that came out during the treatment process

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Wildlife Infestation Cleanup

If you have ever been inside of a home that has or had a colony of bats living in it, then you may be familiar with the odor of bat droppings. Bat droppings are similar in shape and size as rodent droppings. The big difference is the sheer amount of droppings that a colony of bats can and do deposit inside of the attic.

Bat droppings inside of an enclosed structure are considered a health hazard. This is due to the respiratory risk if the droppings are not handled correctly. NEVER sweep up any type of animal droppings. Our HEPA vacuum safely and effectively removes and stores these droppings. We are then able to properly transport and dispose of the bat droppings.

Bat colonies are also known to have bat bugs living with them. Bat bugs, the direct cousin or bed bugs, are blood feeders that live with bat colonies. When the droppings are properly vacuumed and removed, bat bugs can also be removed and then the area can be treated.

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Exterminator Vacuum

Our pest vacuum also gets quite a bit of use doing general pest control services. A very effective means to treat for spiders is to vacuum the spiders, eggs, and webbing from the home. Not only will this leave your home cleaner, it eliminates future spiders by removing their eggs and webbing.

By vacuuming and removing pests Prudential Pest Solutions is able to leave your home cleaner, and with less pests. Is your current exterminator leaving dead insects and pests in your home AFTER their service? We believe that pest control and exterminator services include the REMOVAL of pests as well.

Why you shouldn’t use a vacuum in pest control

Unless you have a specific vacuum designed for pest control, an exterminator should NOT use a vacuum for their service. Our vacuum has a HEPA filter to eliminate hazardous particles from becoming airborne in your home. This filter will not allow the indoor air quality of your home to be compromised by our service.

Another key feature of our pest vacuum is that the vacuum itself as a cartridge that houses, stores, and secures anything it sucks up. This means that any pest or dropping is securely trapped and sealed inside of the cartridge and cannot escape. No need to worry about a stray bed bug or roach escaping our vacuum.

The last key feature of a good bug vacuum is in its design. Our equipment is brought into many homes and businesses for service. This means that the vacuum cannot have any nooks for pests to “hitch a ride” from home to home. The pest vacuum we use is does not allow pests to hide or be transported from job to job. This feature protects your home and our vehicles from becoming the pest transports!

To use a vacuum or not

If you intend to use a vacuum for pest control and exterminating services, consider the key features listed above. We use the Atrix Green Supreme vacuum. This vacuum is portable, and meets all of the above necessities for professional pest control services. You can find more information on the Atrix Green Supreme bug vacuum here.

Vacuuming Makes for a Professional Service

We firmly believe that if you are hiring a pest control and exterminating company to resolve your pest issue, then you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleanup. In additional to leaving your home cleaner, we want to ensure that any additional pest activity is able to be noted accurately.

If you live or work in Chester County and have a pest issue, give Prudential Pest Solutions a call. You can also send us a message and we are sure to get you pest free today!