Stop Birds from Nesting on your House

Birds nesting in or on your home can cause unsightly and unhealthy situations. In this article we are going to discuss how to stop birds from nesting on your home using Bird Optical Gel instead of Bird Spikes. If you have a bird issue and live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we would love to be your bird control professionals!

Why my house?

Birds need many of the same basic needs that we do: food, water, shelter. Most commonly, it is birds roosting or nesting on the home that is causing the issue. Stopping the birds from nesting is the key to keeping the birds from staying.

Whether you have ledges around your home or simply a 90 degree bend in your gutter’s downspout, that is all it takes for birds to find your home desirable. Don’t take it personally, the birds are simply trying to take over your home!

Why Bird Spikes don’t always work to stop birds

The most common method that homeowners employ to tackle their bird issue is to go to the local hardware store and purchase bird spikes. Bird Spikes are strips of pointed spines that are designed to prevent birds from landing on a surface. If the birds cannot land on the surface, then they can’t build their nests.

Although it makes sense in theory, most bird spikes are not effective and here is why.

Birds spikes are designed for certain sized birds

Bird nest in bird spikes

Birds come in all shapes and sizes and so do bird spikes. The problem is that most homeowners purchase the only spikes that their store stocks. These bird spikes are usually designed for much larger birds than what the species of bird causing the homeowner trouble is.

This results in the bird spikes being ineffective and can actually be BENEFICIAL to the birds.

Bird Spikes are also very unsightly

bird spikes

In addition to bird spikes not being effective, they also are VERY unsightly. The picture to the left shows a homeowner’s attempt at keeping birds off of this ledge.

Not only did the birds still use the ledge, but it made their beautiful outdoor space look like a prison!

Bird Optical Gel

So what is the solution to keeping birds from nesting and roosting on ledges and overhangs? Multi-sensory Bird Optical Gel! Bird optical gel works to safely and humanely deter birds from the area where they are installed.

This is how they work:

Bird Optical Gel
  • All natural Bird Deterrent
  • Sticky surface prohibits birds from landing
  • Has a natural odor which birds hate!
  • Visually the bird sees the discs as fire or smoke which means DANGER!
  • Remain active for up to 5 years

Optical Gel works better and looks better!

Here is that same house pictured above with the bird spikes removed and the multi-sensory bird optical gel installed.

Bird gel installed

The bird optical gel discs are spaced apart approximately every 6 inches. This provides excellent coverage to prevent birds from landing and nesting on this ledge!

Looks great and will keep the birds away for up to 5 years!

This picture is taken from above, from the ground, the discs are invisible to the eye. No more prison style bird spikes!

Your Local Bird Professionals

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