Commercial Drain Foaming Service

Drain Service and Cleaning
Drain Service and Cleaning

Our commercial drain foaming and cleaning service is designed for commercial kitchens and restaurants to keep and maintain clean, pest-free facilities.

Drains Harbor Disease

Floor drains and sink drains can harbor all kinds of nasty germs and diseases.

According to, the most common bacteria and viruses that lead to hospitalizations from kitchens and restaurants are:

  • Listeria
  • E. Coli
  • Hepatitis A
  • Staph
Floor Drain Service
Typical Floor Drain in a commercial kitchen

Drains are breeding grounds for Flies

Since drains collect and harbor organic material, they are breeding grounds for drain flies and other species of fly.

Drain Service and Foaming

Drain Cleaning and Foaming

Applying a foam treatment to a drain is a very effective way to disinfect and treat a drain and connecting piping. Our foam utilizes a disinfectant, insecticide, and good microbial bacteria to clean and treat the drain.

restaurant pest control services
restaurant pest control

Benefits of applying foam to a drain

  • Disinfect and kill any disease causing bacteria and viruses
  • Treat and kill any flies and insects living in the drain and piping
  • Breakdown and removal of organic material in the drain that is a breeding ground for disease and insects
  • Cleaner appearance for health inspectors and inspections
  • Removal of bad odor from the dirty drains

Why pouring liquid and hot water doesn’t resolve odor and fly problems

Like any drain, floor drains can have bends and turns to prevent raw sewer gas from entering the facility. These bends and turns in the pipe can collect and store organic material that pouring water and other liquids will never reach.

Since the foam is thicker than liquid and is being injected with pressure from our machine, the foam is able to completely penetrate the drain and piping and coat the entire pipe.

commercial kitchen exterminator
commercial kitchen exterminator

Will this treatment unclog my drain and pipes?

No, this treatment is not for clogged drains and pipes. A licensed plumber should be called for issues of clogged drains and pipes.

Commercial Drain Foaming

Drain Cleaning and Foaming

How often should the drains be serviced?

If the facility has a fly issue, than it may be necessary to perform 2 treatments in the first month.

Most facilities and restaurants can benefit from a monthly or bi-monthly drain cleaning and treatment service.

Who needs drain service?

Anywhere that has drains in sinks or floor drains can benefit from a drain foaming service.

Some examples of drain foaming clients include:

Why Choose Us?

veteran owned business
Veteran Owned Business

We are a veteran and family owned and operated pest control company. Our technicians are licensed and insured to treat and prevent any pest issue you may have.

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Prudential Pest Solutions is owned and operated by the Ellenberger Family

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Where do we service?

We service Chester County and South East Pennsylvania.

How can you schedule an appointment?

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