Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Spotted Lantern Fly Treatments

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments
Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Spotted Lanternfly Overview

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive species that was imported from Asia. Although not a hazard to humans, the SLF is extremely destructive to certain plants and trees.

Where is the SLF?

The spotted lanternfly has been confirmed in many areas of Pennsylvania including Chester County. Due to the fact that the SLF does not have many natural predators, it has been able to spread throughout the region.

Spring Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

In the springtime, the spotted lanternfly nymphs are emerging from their egg casings. These nymphs look nothing like their adult form and are unable to fly.

These crawling nymphs will be found throughout the springtime into the summer.

You can find more information on the lanternfly nymphs here.

Summer Spotted Lanternfly

The SLF nymphs are still present in the summertime. They will have changed color from dark with white spots to red with white spots.

Adults will begin to emerge later in the summer and into the fall.

Fall Spotted Lanternfly

Come fall time, the SLF is in its adult form. The adult form, pictured in the photos on this post, is able to fly. The adult SLF will seek out certain tree and plant species in order to feed and deposit their eggs.

Although the adults can fly, they are not great flyers. They will often “hitch” a ride onto cars and materials. This is how they are able to spread to different areas.

Winter Spotted Lanternfly

The cold winters in Chester County will kill off all of the adult spotted lanterflys. What remains behind are their eggs and egg masses. These egg masses are deposited on trees and other surfaces.

Lanternfly Chester County
Spotted Lanternfly Egg Mass destroying. Treating lanternfly egg mass

Egg masses of the SLF should be identified, located, and destroyed. Remember, any egg masses destroyed in the winter will be less SLF to deal with the following year.

Lanternfly Treatment Options

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments Chester County
Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Treatments for the SLF

Depending on the time of year, treatments for the SLF include the use of insecticides on the trees that are infested with the Spotted Lanternfly.

Approved insecticides are able to kill the adults and nymphs but NOT the egg masses. The insecticides will also help to protect the tree in the short-term against future infestations.

A great chemical-free treatment to prevent SLF infestations is to seek out and destroy SLF egg masses in the winter.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments Chester County
Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

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