Systemic Treatments for Spotted Lanternfly

systemic treatments spotted lanternfly
systemic treatments spotted lanternfly

We provide systemic treatments for the invasive spotted lanternfly. Our systemic treatments are affordable, effective, and will kill the spotted lanternfly.

What is a systemic treatment for spotted lanternfly?

A systemic treatment for the spotted lanternfly is a process where we apply a chemical insecticide to the tree. The tree then absorbs the chemical and translocates it to the entire inside of the tree.

Much like a person taking a medication, when the tree absorbs the systemic chemical, we are protecting the whole tree from the inside out.

Are systemic treatments safe for my family and pets?

Yes, since we are applying the chemical directly to the bark of the tree, your family and pets will have minimal access to the chemical. Once the chemical is absorbed into the tree, it is completely safe for your family and pets to be around it.

The safety of your family, pets, and the environment are ALWAYS our top priority.

systemic treatments for spotted lanternfly
systemic treatments for spotted lanternfly

Are systemic treatments safe for the tree?

Yes, the systemic treatment we apply is safe for the tree. In addition to killing the spotted lanternfly, the insecticide will also protect the tree from a wide variety of other tree pests.

I have a well on my property, can I still have a systemic treatment?

Yes, even with a well on the property we can still perform an effective spotted lanternfly treatment.

There a few methods for applying the systemic insecticide. One method is to perform a soil drench or injection. With a well on the property we would avoid these methods.

The other method we could perform is a basal spray application. In this method we apply the chemical insecticide to the bark of the tree and allow the tree to absorb the chemical through the bark.

This method is very effective and allows us to avoid applying any chemical to the soil.

When should systemic treatments for spotted lanternfly be performed?

We can can apply the systemic treatment any time of year where the tree is active and not dormant. The chemical insecticide will stay active for approximately 9-12 months.

We prefer to schedule our systemic spotted lanternfly treatments for early spring. This time of year will allow the chemical to fully infiltrate the tree and allow for maximum treatment for the whole spotted lanternfly season.

affordable systemic treatments lanternfly
affordable systemic spotted lanternfly treatments

Other Spotted Lantenfly Treatments we offer

In addition to systemic spotted lanternfly treatments, we provide a full range of spotted lanternfly services.

Some of the many spotted lanternfly services we offer include:

How much does a spotted lanternfly systemic treatment cost?

Pricing for systemic treatments and tree spraying can vary by location and time of year. We offer NO OBLIGATION consultations to discuss spotted lanternfly treatments and pricing.

Most homeowners pay an average of $150-$250 per treatment (total treatment of multiple trees on property). This is not a quote but an example of our affordable pricing structure.

Spotted Lanternfly Experts

spotted lanternfly experts
spotted lanternfly experts

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met an exterminator like me before! I have been treating for the spotted lanternfly since its introduction into the United States 5 years ago.

We are a fully licensed and insured, family and veteran owned pest control and exterminator company.

Where do we service for spotted lanternfly?

We service all of Chester County and the surrounding area. Some of the areas we service include:

veteran owned business
Veteran Owned Business

How to schedule your Spotted Lanternfly Treatment

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