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Yellow Jacket Nest Underground in Wernersville

Our client in Wernersville PA was seeing yellow jackets near their front door in the ground. They were concerned that since the yellow jacket nest was so close to the front door that a delivery person would be stung when knocking on their front door.

They called the yellow jacket experts at Prudential Pest Solutions to treat and remove the nest.

When we arrived at the home, I could see yellow jackets coming and going from a plant pot that the client used to hold their garden hose. I put on my bee suit and began the yellow jacket treatment process.

The first step was to determine whether the yellow jacket nest was in the coiled up garden hose in the plant pot or below the plant pot. I disconnected the hose from the wall and moved the plant pot out of the way.

When I moved the pot, I could see the opening of the nest in ground directly under the pot. The nest opening looks like a 1/2″ hole with paper nesting material around it. Even though the nest is underground, yellow jackets will still create a paper shell around the combs of their nests.

I applied my favorite yellow jacket chemical, PT PI, into the main opening of the nest. With underground yellow jacket nests, the more you expose the nest, the more areas you have to treat. This is because when yellow jackets build their nests under the ground, the nest can extend into chambers that may not allow the chemical applied to the main entrance to reach.

wernersville bee hornet yellow jacket exterminator
wernersville bee hornet exterminator

As I began to remove the comb of the nest, I continue to apply the PT PI into the nest area to ensure that we are treating the ENTIRE nest. Some companies will just spray the nest opening or apply an insecticidal powder into the main entrance.

We like to treat and REMOVE the nest to ensure that the yellow jacket nest is completely resolved. After all of the nesting material and combs have been removed, I apply a liquid chemical to the where the nest used to be. This will ensure that any yellow jackets that were not in the nest during the treatment will be killed when they return to the area.

If the nest had been located in a wall or in a structure, I would have used a dust insecticide to treat the nest area. Using our professional equipment and chemical, we were able to quickly and professionally treat and remove this rather large underground yellow jacket nest.

wernersville pest control
wernersville pest control

We are the EXPERTS at treating and removing yellow jacket, hornet, bee, and wasp nests. This treatment was located in Wernersville PA which is where I live and where our main office is located.

We service ALL of South Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania including Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Many More!

Prudential Pest Solutions is a VETERAN and FAMILY owned and operated pest control and exterminating company.

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met a yellow jacket exterminator like me before!

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