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Yellow Jacket Nest in Wall Sinking Spring

This homeowner in Sinking Spring PA, which is in Berks County PA, had yellow jackets coming into the upstairs bedroom. They could see that the yellow jackets were coming into the house from a gap below the window in the bedroom.

The EXPERTS at Prudential Pest Solutions was called because we are the BEST at treating and removing yellow jacket nests!

When we first inspected the home, we could see where the yellow jackets were coming and going from in a gap below the bedroom window. There was also a section of the wall on the inside of the bedroom that was very soft.

This evidence strongly suggested that a yellow jacket nest was located inside of the wall of the bedroom. I put on my bee suit and started prepping the area for treatment. To minimize the amount of yellow jackets coming into the bedroom and the house, we shut the bedroom door and turned off the lights in the bedroom.

This confines any yellow jackets in the bedroom to the bedroom itself and allows them to congregate at the only light source remaining, the window.

Sinking Spring Pest Exterminators
Sinking Spring Pest Exterminators

When yellow jackets enter the living space of the home they immediately search for a way out. This is why you will often find them around lights and windows because the yellow jackets think that the light source is a way out.

I laid a tarp on the floor directly under the soft section of wall in the bedroom where we suspected the nest to be located. The wall was soft because the yellow jackets tend to chew at the wall from the inside. In this home instead of drywall, the wall was constructed with plaster and lath.

This style of construction involves running very thin wooden boards between the wall framing and then applying plaster over it. It is not very common to find soft spots in a wall of this type. Using my drywall saw I poked at the soft section of the wall to outline the area I would remove.

We only need about 6 inches of space to successfully treat and remove a yellow jacket nest. Once I began to remove some of the plaster wall, some yellow jackets immediately came out of the wall. This is why we always shut the door of the room we are working in so that we can confine the yellow jackets to one area.

Sinking Spring Pest Control Exterminators
Sinking Spring Pest Control Exterminators

Using my favorite Yellow Jacket treatment chemical, PT PI, I injected the aerosol into the wall void. This product works great because it is fast, deadly to the yellow jackets, and doesn’t leave any residual. When we first apply the PT PI into the nest, the nest “comes alive” with noise and activity. When the noise starts to subside, I begin to open up the area some more so that I can physically remove the nest and nesting material.

After all of the nest has been treated and removed, I apply a long lasting insecticidal dust into the area where the nest used to be located. This will kill off any new yellow jackets that enter the wall void.

Tape is then used to close up the opening in the wall we created to prevent any further yellow jackets from coming into the bedroom. We ALWAYS leave the area cleaned up, so the next step is to vacuum the remaining debris and yellow jackets that were in the bedroom.

Once the area was cleaned up, I opened the window to apply the same insecticidal dust into the gap under the window where the yellow jackets were coming and going from.

For most homeowners, this would have been their first step. They would have noticed yellow jackets under the window and simply sprayed at the gap where the yellow jackets were coming into the house. This would have resulted in killing some yellow jackets but would NEVER have reached the nest inside the wall.

Sinking Spring Pest Control Exterminators
Sinking Spring Pest Control Exterminators

Our client in Sinking Spring PA was THRILLED that we were able to treat and remove their yellow jacket nest in such a affordable, professional, and effective manner.

Prudential Pest Solutions are the yellow jacket and hornet experts. We service Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County and ALL of South Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania.

Prudential Pest Solutions is a VETERAN and FAMILY owned and operated pest control and exterminating company. As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met a yellow jacket exterminator like me before!

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