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Ants by the front door

We had a client recently that said they were seeing ants by the front door. The front door area is a common area where ants enter a home. As we will see, the ants weren’t coming in the front door, but under the floor!

Why are the ants by the front door?

Besides the kitchen, the front door area is a hot spot for ant and insect activity. This is because the front door area of a home is designed for allowing entrance and egress to and from the home.

Oftentimes, ants and other pests can simply walk right under the front door! Making sure you have a functioning weather seal under your door will keep pests out and probably save you money on your heating and cooling bills!

Ants like moisture!

When you go outside from your front door, what do you see? Often people have porches, decks, or stairs coming off from their front door. Moisture is a HUGE attractant for ants and pests and the area outside of your front door is a huge MAGNET for moisture!

Affordable Ant Control West Chester
Affordable Ant Control West Chester

How did we actually treat the ant infestation?

We can use a multitude of treatment options to eradicate an ant infestation. In the scenario above, where the ants were under the floor boards, we performed the following treatment:

When we removed the HVAC vent cover and saw the ants and the EGGS, we decided to use a spray treatment method to eradicate the ant infestation. We chose this method over baiting, dust, aerosol and other methods because the nest was open and EXPOSED.

Whenever you find the nest itself, it is always best to spray and eradicate it then and there.

What happens if the ant nest isn’t exposed or can’t be accessed?

If the nest was not exposed, and we saw the ants coming and going from under the floor boards, then we would have used a different treatment method.

Ant Baits

Ant baits work by taking advantage of the ant’s social nature and social structure. Bait is applied to where the worker ants will come across it and feed on it. The workers then take the bait back to the nest and feed it to their fellow ants.

If the bait works too fast and kills the worker, then it will not make it back to the colony. Baits work great for active ant trails.

Other Ant Treatment Methods

In the scenario above, we could have applied dust, foam, or an aerosol to the crevice where the ants were coming and going from under the floor. These methods can work similar to the bait by using transference properties but do not rely on being a food source.

Dust treatments often have a very long residual life making them great for long term ant and insect control.

Affordable Ant Treatments West Chester
Affordable Ant Treatments West Chester

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As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State University, I promise you haven’t met an ant exterminator like me before!

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