termite infestation and termite swarmers

Are flying ants actually termites?!

Seeing ants with wings can mean one of two things are happening. You either have an ant problem, or a TERMITE problem. So the question is “are flying ants actually termites?!”

flying termite and termite swarmer
flying termite and termite swarmer

Ants and termites are similar in their colony habits and culture. Both termites and ants create winged reproductives, called alates or swarmers. Their job is to leave the colony, reproduce, and form new colonies.

Seeing winged ants or termites strongly indicates that a colony is in the house or in the immediate area.

How do you know if your winged pests are termites or ants?

termite swarmer and flying ant
termite swarmer and flying ant

Most homeowners are not certified entomologists. Do not fear, there are several basic identification indicators to determine whether your winged alates are termites or ants.

Look at the wings

Termite swarmers will have 2 pairs of wings that are the same size

Ant alates will have 2 pairs or wings that are different lengths.

Look at the body

Termite Swarmers will have a long, smooth body.

Ant Swarmers will have “pinch points” along their body called nodes. The number of nodes will depend on the species of ant.

What other evidence do you have?

termite infestation and termite swarmers
termite infestation and termite swarmers

If you have been seeing a lot of ants in your home all season, then it would be likely to see winged ants as well. If you have an ant nest in your home, the winged reproductive alates will also be in your home.

Termites, since they are subterranean, will NOT be visible in the home. This is why they are known as the silent destroyers. Termite activity and damage can go unnoticed for years!

Seeing winged alates and swarmers once or twice a year without seeing any ants in the house could mean a termite problem. Especially if the winged reproductives are only localized in at a specific window sill during a specific time of year.

termite swarmers and alates
termite swarmers and alates

Why do termite swarmers look like ants and not termites?

Subteranean termites are small, and clear or white in color. Their color is based on their lack of sunlight due to living underground and in wood.

The winged ants, or swarmers or alates, of the termite colony have a dark color to them. This allows them to go above ground in search of a reproductive mate. Once they have mated, they will return to the ground and start a new termite colony.

Why are termites called flying ants?

Most homeowners have never seen a termite. Ants, on the other hand, are extremely common and can be found most places. Since the termite swarmers resemble ants in size and general appearance, most homeowners just refer to them as flying ants.

How do I know if I have termites or ants?

termite swarmers and flying termites
termite swarmers and flying termites

If you are seeing winged ants or swarmers in your home and are still unsure if you have termites or ants, its time to call in the professionals.

Having a professional and experienced exterminator come to your home can provide valuable knowledge about your specific pest problem.

Letting an ant issue go is not as bad as letting a termite infestation destroy your home! When in doubt, get the pros to come out!

How do I hire the best termite exterminators?

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