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What Trees do Spotted Lanternfly Damage?

The invasive spotted lanternfly causes significant damage to agriculture crops in Pennsylvania. Homeowners need to know what trees spotted lanternfly damage so they can protect their property.

Birch Trees are a favorite of Spotted Lanternfly

There are many sub species of birch trees in Pennsylvania. The most common that we find in neighborhoods and develops are the ornamental birch species.

River Birch are very common ornamental trees we find in neighborhoods that are susceptible to spotted lanternfly infestations.

Spotted Lanternfly LOVE Maple Trees

There are many different species of maple that we find throughout Pennsylvania. Maple trees are very common in neighborhoods and developments as ornamental trees.

The spotted lanternfly will tend to attack and feed on the sweeter sap species of maple.

Willow Trees are Spotted Lanternfly Targets

The last ornamental tree species that commonly have spotted lanternfly infestations are willow trees.

Willows and Weeping Willows are beautiful ornamental trees that spotted lanternfly love to feed on.

Spotted Lanternfly Favorite Tree

The spotted lanternfly favorite tree is the invasive Tree of Heaven aka Ailantus Tree.

Spotted Lanternfly Treatments and Prevention

There are treatment options to treat and protect ornamental trees such as birch, maple, and willows from the invasive spotted lanternfly.

Treat options will vary by time of year

Spring Spotted Lanternfly Options

Systemic Treatments for Spotted Lanternfly

Tree Banding to capture Spotted Lanternfly

Summer and Fall Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Winter Spotted Lanternfly Treatments

Finding and destroying spotted lantenfly egg masses is the only treatment in the winter.

Spotted Lanternfly Egg Masses can be found in unusual places.

Affordable Spotted Lanternfly Treatments and Prevention

We are experts in treating and preventing spotted lanternfly infestations.

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met an exterminator like me before!

Since the spotted lanternfly was introduced into Berks County 6 years ago, we have been on the front line in the fight against this invasive pest.

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spotted lanternfly experts
spotted lanternfly experts

Where do we service?

We service South Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania. Some of the specific areas we service include:

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