DoomBox Mouse Trap Review

I met the inventors of DoomBox at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and bought a few of their new DoomBox rodent stations.

My first thought when I saw the DoomBox was that it looked like a great idea. The snap trap is secured inside of a clear plastic container allowing the user to see any rodent captures and prevent kids and pets from being harmed by the trap.

The trap itself is a newer style snap trap that packs a pretty good punch. The trap can be easily set with one hand and provides more than enough force to kill a mouse. The large trigger pan allows for easy bait or attractant placement.

DoomBox is labeled as “Certified Child Resistant”. This is due to the placement of the trap inside of the container in relation to the holes used by the mouse to enter the container.

I was unable to touch any part of the trap when I put my fingers into the container from the entrance holes. This design prevents children and pets from being able to touch the trap and get hurt.

The container itself does not lock which can be an issue. The positive side is that even after multiple uses, the container lid was still tight to the container. This tight fit makes the container fairly secure and more secure than a standard plastic bait station.

What would I change about this product? I would like to see one more additional rodent entrance hole at the end of the container. I think that the addition of another hole would allow for more versatile container placement as mice like to run along the walls. The additional hole would allow the container to be placed on either end of the garage doors for example and not stick out into the garage.

Overall I think this is a great new product for the pest control industry. The clear container allows for easy viewing of captures and activity inside of the station. The trap itself is strong, well built, secured, and easy to set. The child resistant and pet safe design is a great additional feature.

I recommend the DoomBox for any homeowner that wants to trap mice and has concerns about kids and pets getting snapped too!

Prudential Pest Solutions is not a paid spokesman for this product. We met the inventors of the DoomBox at an outdoor show and purchased a few of their traps. The review is our own opinion.

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