Carpenter Ant Nest in Foam Insulation

Carpenter ants, like termites, can eat the wood framing of your home causing substantial damage. This carpenter ant nest was located inside of the foam insulation in a client’s basement. If you are seeing large ants in the house, it could be carpenter ants. Time to call the professionals at Prudential Pest Solutions!

Carpenter Ant Treatment Reading PA

This client had been seeing what they thought was saw dust all along the edges of the basement floor. Their basement was unfinished which allowed easy access to inspect the exposed framing. What we discovered during the inspection was that the saw dust that the client saw was actually frass. Frass is what a carpenter ant produces while they are creating and living in their nest. It is a combination of the nest’s excavated material as well as insect parts from the deceased members of the colony.

In this situation, the frass was not just wood shavings, but also had foam insulation shavings as well. The client did not notice any ants prior to our appointment which was surprising to the client when we told them they had carpenter ants and a nest in the home!

carpenter ant nest foam insulation
Carpenter ant nest in foam insulation

Our Carpenter Ant Treatment

After we identify that the pest issue is carpenter ants, we can begin our treatment process. With so much frass present in the basement, we were certain that the carpenter ant nest had to be in or near the foam insulation along the top of the basement walls.

The treatment for carpenter ants is pretty straightforward once the nest is found. We began by probing through the foam insulation with an aerosolized insecticide. The foam insulation was soon discovered to be hollow due to the carpenter ants excavating the inside of the insulation to form their galleries and tunnels.

We were certain we were in the heart of the nest because of the amount of ants that came out during our treatment and the fact that many ants had wings. There winged ants are the reproductive members of the colony and they are found exclusively inside of a carpenter ant nest.

carpenter ant frass
Carpenter Ant Frass

Reading PA Carpenter Ant Experts

Carpenter Ants are native to Reading PA and ALL of Pennsylvania. They provide a much-needed service in the wild by helping to decompose wood. When they get into your home, however, they can cause tremendous damage!

Prudential Pest Solutions are the EXPERTS at identifying, treating, and preventing carpenter ant infestations. We are fully licensed, insured, and experienced to handle and resolve ANY carpenter ant issue you have.

carpenter ant nest reading pa
Carpenter Ant Nest Reading PA

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