how do hornets make their nest

How do hornets and wasps make their nests?

I’m often asked “how do hornets and wasps make their nests”? Not too long ago a client of ours asked me to treat her fence for hornets. I thought that was an odd request until I looked at her fence. Her fence had about 20 or so bald face hornets that were chewing vertical channels in the wooden fence.

Hornets and Wasps make their nests from wood

As you can see from the video above, the hornets were chewing at the wood from the fence. The hornet then brings the wood mixed with their saliva back to the nest. This wood and saliva mix is the main process material that the hornets use to build their nests.

how do hornets make their nest
how do hornets make their nests?

How can you get a hornets nest?

In the late fall, the nests are abandoned as the hornets die off. This is a great time to hunt for your own hornets nest. Since the leaves will be off of the trees, you may be surprised to find a hornets nest in your neighborhood that you had no idea was there!

Are there still hornets in the nest?

To be cautious whenever you are bringing home your hornets nest, you should keep it isolated in a garage, shed, or other protected area outside of the home. This will ensure that your hornet nest is vacant before you bring it inside.

hornet nest removal
hornet nest removal

How can you preserve your hornet nest?

Hornet nests are built to survive the elements when the hornets are living in them. Oftentimes the nest is in a tree where it is protected by leaves and branches.

When you remove the nest, you should store and keep it away from the elements. These nests can last a very long time without doing anything to them if they are handled infrequently and gently.

For the large nest pictured above, I applied a spray on wood lacquer to the nest. This lacquer firmed up the nest a bit and made the nest a bit more durable. I intend to bring this nest to events where we provide education and tips to clients so I will be handling and transporting the nest frequently.

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hornet and wasp removal experts

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