Powder Post Beetle Treatments

We provide Powder Post Beetle Treatments to Chester County and South Eastern and Central Pennsylvania

Powder Post Beetle Treatments

Wood Beetle Treatments

Powder Post Beetles get their name from the fine wood particles they leave behind when they bore through the wood. The wood particles are so fine that it looks and feels like wood powder.

Powder Post Beetle Exit Holes

When powder post beetles exit the wood, they leave tiny holes. The holes are the size of nail holes in the wood. These exit holes are evidence of a powder post beetle infestation.

Powder Post Beetle Exterminator

Prudential Pest Solutions are experts in treating and preventing Powder Post Beetles and other wood destroying insects.

Our treatment options for powder post beetles are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Don’t let these wood beetles destroy your home! We can treat and prevent the infestation of your foundation.

Chester County Powder Post Beetle Treatments

We service all of Chester County and South Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Some of the many areas we treat include:

Chester County Exterminators

Chester County Exterminators
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We are a veteran and family owned and operated pest control and exterminating company.

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