How to PREVENT bringing home bed bugs from Vacation

Bed bugs are blood feeding insects that feed primarily on humans. Vacation homes, hotels, and Airbnb’s can have bed bugs that you unknowingly bring home! In this article, we will discuss ways to avoid bringing home unwanted guests after your vacation is over!

You are on a much needed vacation and don’t want to bring home any uninvited vistors (bed bugs), then this is the video for you! Nothing ruins the great vacation feeling like bringing home bed bugs and infesting your own home. Unfortunately, we receive tons of calls every year describing this exact situation. So how can we avoid bringing home bed bugs when your vacation is over?

What are bed bugs and where do we find them?

Bed bugs on a glue board

First, let’s discuss bed bugs and where we commonly find them. Bed bugs are blood feeding insects that live and thrive in areas where people are. They are typically found hiding in the nooks and crannies of beds, headboards, mattresses, and chairs, although they can be found in other areas as well.

A good rule of thumb is to check areas in a 10 foot radius around where people are most likely to be found.

Since bed bugs are small and flat, they are able to get into areas that larger pests cannot. This may include the tiny seems along the mattress or boxspring, or the areas where the bed frame connects to each other. Although small, bed bugs and their eggs are easily seen with the naked eye and do not require a microscope to view.

The challenge with bed bugs is that they are not going to found out in the open, in plain view. Because of this, when we search for bed bugs, we are going to look not just for the bugs themselves, but for evidence of bed bugs in general.

How do I know if there are bed bugs?

What is evidence of bed bugs? If you see live or dead bed bugs, then you have bed bugs. Sometimes, the bed bugs are hiding in cracks and crevices and cannot be seen. This is why we should also inspect for bed bug evidence.

Bed bug evidence can be eggs or bed bug excrement. Bed bug excrement, or bed bug poop, will be found in areas where bed bugs are or have been in the past. Excrement will look like little black or brown dots or dots with smears.

Bed bug evidence can be eggs or bed bug excrement. Bed bug excrement, or bed bug poop, will be found in areas where bed bugs are or have been in the past. Excrement will look like little black or brown dots or dots with smears.

Bed bug eggs are harder to see, but if the furniture is dark, then they can be seen better. This is because the eggs are small and clear, making them difficult to spot on a white mattress, box spring, or bed framing,

How to NOT bring home bed bugs

Now that we know what to look for, how do we not bring them home from vacation? The first thing I do when I stay at a hotel or vacation home is to leave my luggage outside and inspect the beds. I leave the luggage outside so that if I do discover bed bugs, then my luggage is not going to be infested. Starting with the beds, I check all of the seams, nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices. Use a flashlight to really take a good look.

If I see live or dead bed bugs, eggs, or excrement, then we can assume they have or had bed bugs and I should move to another room. Remember to check the headboards, night stands, chairs, and couches. Any place within 10 feet of where you are sleeping or hanging out should be inspected.

What if I have to bring in my luggage before I inspect the room for bed bugs?

If you must bring in your luggage before you can inspect the room, then place your luggage in the bathroom or tub as these areas are unlikely to have bed bugs living in there. Place your luggage in the bathroom and then proceed to check the rooms and beds.

Why do Hotels, Airbnb’s, and Vacation Homes have bed bugs?

Why would vacation homes and hotels have bed bugs? Bed bugs are found wherever people are found. Transient lodging like hotels and vacation homes may host a new person or family every day or every week. This increases the liklihood of bed bugs as there is always a new source of food. How do hotels and vacation home deal with a bed bug infestation?

The sad reality is that most vacation rentals wait until the “off-season” to thoroughly address their bed bug infestation. This is due to economic reasons as the cost of not renting the home during the peak vacation season would result in a huge loss of revenue for the home. Most vacation homes will do a spot treatment in-season to hopefully slow the issue down and then do a full treatment in the off-season. This results in families coming home from vacation and infesting their own homes with bed bugs.

Hotels are a little different when it comes to bed bugs. Since they have more rooms, they are often more likely to address and treat their bed bug infestations quicker than vacation homes.

You brought home bed bugs, now what?

What do you do if you bring home bed bugs from vacation? Consult with a professional bed bug company like Prudential Pest Solutions. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to resolve any bed bug issue you may have. Prudential Pest Solutions is a Veteran and Family owned and operated bed bug exterminating company. We service Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, and all of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Call or text us at (484) 401-4361