Raccoon Removal Chester County

Raccoon Removal Chester County

There are only a few circumstances that will cause someone to need raccoon removal services in Chester County. Either the raccoon is living in or near the house, or the raccoon is sick or injured. To better understand why you have a raccoon problem, lets look at why the raccoon is living near your house.

Raccoon Biology

Raccoons are omnivores, which means that feed on both plant and animal matter. They are very opportunistic and will feed on what is available. When dealing with a raccoon living in or near a home, there are some common man-made food sources. Trash cans, bird feeders, and cat food are the most common food attractants to raccoons. Food sources like these are like all you can eat buffets for a resident raccoon.

Raccoons are nocturnal

Raccoons are a nocturnal species, which means that they are most active at night. If you see a raccoon during the day, it does not immediately mean that they are rabid. Mating season can cause raccoons to travel great distances. This could cause the raccoon to be seen during non-night hours. Raccoon sickness and diseases will be discussed below. Since raccoons are most active at night, their activities often go unnoticed. Some people leave their garage door or cat door open all day. If not closed before dark, a raccoon can enter the garage or through the cat door. If the door is then closed, the raccoon can become trapped for the night.

Raccoon breeding and young

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, raccoons typically mate in January thru February. They will have on average 4 young raccoons that are born in March to April. Many times the mother raccoon will stay with the young for the first year. This means that if you have a pregnant female raccoon on your property, you could have 5 raccoons in 6 months time. With food and or habitat, it is easy to see how raccoon populations can increase in a relatively short amount of time.

Raccoon Sickness and Disease

Common reasons for seeing lethargic or slow moving raccoons, is disease and injury. The Pennsylvania Game Commission lists raccoons as a rabies vector species. This means that raccoons are excellent carries of the deadly disease rabies. Another common disease that affects raccoons is canine distemper. This disease is extremely fatal for raccoons and other mammals. The final most common cause of seeing a lethargic raccoon is injury. Raccoons often fall victim to car strikes. Since they are nocturnal, raccoons can commonly be seen as road kill on the sides of roads across Pennsylvania. If not killed on impact, they will sometimes find themselves on people’s properties where they will exhibit signs of disease.

Raccoon Removal Chester County

Depending on what type of raccoon problem you have, there are many options for removing raccoons.

Raccoon removal on your property

Raccoon removal in Chester County usually involves live trapping and removal. Live trapping is extremely effective in removing raccoons that are living in the attic or crawlspace. Common bait that can be used is peanut butter, marsh mellows, and maple syrup. Traps need to be large enough to allow a full sized raccoon to enter the trap. If traps are placed on the ground, be careful for non-target species captures. Skunks are also omnivores and will be attracted to the same type of baits. Captured raccoons should be handled and removed in accordance to Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations.

For raccoons that are sick or injured and on your property, trapping will often not be effective. This is because the animal is sick or injured and is not concerned with eating. Hiring a trained professional is what most homeowners should due in this scenario. Sick or injured animals can become extremely aggressive posing a danger to people, pets, and kids. A wildlife professional will most likely snare the animal and place into a wildlife trap for removal and transfer. Handling and dispatching of the sick or injured raccoon will be handled in strict accordance to Pennsylvania Game Commission regulations.

Raccoon prevention

By removing common food sources, such as garage, cat food, or bird feeders can be enough to make raccoons move out of your area. Easy access to food will keep the raccoons around, so by removing the food source, sometimes the raccoons will leave. Raccoon proof trashcans or trashcans with secured lids can keep raccoons out the trash. Closing garage doors and pet doors before dark will help to keep raccoons out of the garage or home.

Keeping trees and tree branches trimmed away from the house can help to keep raccoon out of your attic. Raccoons are excellent climbers and use the trees as a ladder to get onto the roof. Once on the roof, the raccoons can cause substantial damage to get into the attic space.

Population control trapping can effectively lower the raccoon population around the house. Raccoon removal in Chester County is most effective when trapping is utilized. By live capturing and removing some of the resident raccoons, you can lower the raccoon population. Abundant food or habitat are the main causes of raccoon overpopulation. Overpopulated raccoons will have a much higher chance of disease since they will have more contact with each other.

Hiring a professional

We offer raccoon removal in Chester County. Our fully licensed and insured wildlife specialists are experienced in handling and removing raccoons. From trapping and removal to exclusion, we can get your home raccoon free. We have permits from the Pennsylvania Game Commission to humanely, effectively, and professionally trap and remove raccoons.

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Raccoon Removal Chester County