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Roach Treatment in Restaurant

We performed this initial cockroach treatment in a commercial kitchen of a restaurant. Our roach treatments involve identifying the areas where the roaches are living, vacuuming and removing live and dead cockroaches, applying roach bait up high, and spraying down low.

Although this video demonstrates the treatment process in a commercial kitchen, the same process occurs in residential homes as well.

Identifying the type of Roach is very important

The first step is to identify the type of cockroach that we are dealing with. In this case, the restaurant had an issue with German Roaches. German roaches can be challenging to control because they reproduce quickly and like to hide and live in very small cracks and crevices.

German Cockroaches
German Cockroaches

During our initial treatment we only found a few roaches but that does not mean that there weren’t MANY more hiding inside of the equipment. German roaches like to be warm and as such you will often find them in and around machinery and equipment.

In this case, the German Roaches were in the compressor under a cooler in the kitchen of the restaurant. One of the roaches that we flushed out had a Ootheca sack attacked to it. The ootheca is a sack that the female cockroach carries around that houses her roach nymphs (babies). She will carry around the ootheca for a few days or weeks before depositing it and the nymphs emerge.

German Cockroach with Ootheca
German Cockroach with Ootheca

A single German Roach can produce hundreds of thousands of new roaches in a single year!

The ootheca we see in the video was white or tan in color indicating that it was recently new. The longer the female has the ootheca, the darker in color it becomes.

This piece of equipment had a ton of old roach bait in and around it from a previous pest company and their treatments. I always like to create a good baseline during our initial treatment for any pest that we are eradicating.

old roach bait
Old Roach Bait removed during initial treatment for roaches in a commercial kitchen

This means that we remove the old bait and vacuum up the live and dead roaches in and around the equipment. Not only does this leave us with a clean and ready surface to treat, but it also will allow us to see what new activity is there.

After we remove the old roach bait and thoroughly vacuum the area, it is time to treat.

We like to bait high and spray low.

This means that we apply a professional grade roach gel bait higher on the equipment and apply a liquid spray under the equipment. The roaches will feed on the roach bait and die. If the roaches decide to exit the equipment, then they will come across the liquid spray treatment and they will die.

roach bait with sprayer
roach bait with sprayer

German Roach Treatments Require Follow-up Visits

Follow-up services a must when dealing with German Roaches and one-time services will rarely every resolve the issue. In this case, we are starting a bi-weekly service at this restaurant so we will be on site frequently to treat and monitor the roach issue.

Our EFFECTIVE Roach Treatment Process

This German Roach infestation was not severe and it was great that we were able to perform our effective treatment quickly. What makes our roach treatments different is that we actively seek out the roaches to perform a very specific treatment process.

Cockroach Control Equipment
Cockroach Control Equipment

This means we will lay on the floor with a flashlight to investigate and treat. Most pest control and exterminating companies will simply walk around the kitchen and spray.

We like to get up close and really find out where the roaches are living.

This is important in making sure that we are applying our professional roach products to the areas most frequented by the roaches. You would be surprised what you find when you lie on the floor and start looking around with a flashlight.

Using Caulk and Sealant to Treat for Roaches

If this German Roach issue would have been in a cabinet or under a sink or in a crack in the wall, we would have caulked or sealed the cracks to prevent infestations.

wernersville pest control
wernersville pest control

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