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Yellow Jacket Nest in Art Studio

Our client in Kennett Square PA noticed live and dead yellow jackets in their art studio. There was a small hole in the ceiling where the yellow jackets were entering the studio. They knew they needed a yellow jacket removal expert so they called in the best, Prudential Pest Solutions!

After putting my bee suit on, I extended my telescopic ladder to get up close and personal to the hole in the ceiling. Using my favorite aerosol product, PT PI, I injected into the hole to kill off the nest. Once the activity in the ceiling subsided, I used my drywall saw to open a small hole in the ceiling.

I usually just remove the damaged section of drywall directly under the nest. This allow us to remove the nest and makes the drywall repair small and simple. We try and remove the nest in complete pieces to limit the amount of larva and nesting material from causing a mess.

As I remove the nest and nesting material, I drop the pieces onto my tarp below. Once all of the nest and nesting material has been removed, I inspect the ceiling void and apply a long residual insecticidal dust to the void. This dust treats any future yellow jackets that enter the area. I then tape the opening to prevent any more yellow jackets from entering the art studio.

Once the nest has been treated and removed and the area taped off, all that’s left to do is clean-up. I use a battery powered backpack vacuum to remove live and dead yellow jackets and nesting material that was in the art studio. This leaves the client with no work to do other than hire a drywall professional to repair the small opening we made in the ceiling.

Prudential Pest Solutions is a full service, family and veteran owned and operated pest control and exterminating company. This job was in Kennett Square PA but we service all of South Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania.

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State, I promise you haven’t met an exterminator like me before!

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