Hornet Larva

Bald Faced Hornet Nest in Shed

These bald faced hornets created a nest inside of our client’s open shed in Coatesville Pa which is in Chester County, South Eastern Pennsylvania. The homeowner discovered the hornet nest when they were doing some gardening and needed supplies from inside the shed. They ran out and called us right away to treat and remove this nest.

This job was pretty interesting because at the end of the treatment we were able to examine the various developmental stages of the bald faced hornets. It’s not very often that we are able to see in great detail a still fully intact and alive larval and pre-adult stages.

I used my favorite aerosol PT PI to treat the nest. You can see that when I start the treatment process, the hornets immediately die and start dropping out of the main entrance of the nest. When the treatment begins, the nest becomes very loud with what sounds like a very loud buzzing.

hornet nest shed coatesville
hornet nest shed coatesville pa

Once the noise subsides, we can start to remove the nest and scrape off any nesting material stuck to the shed. After I treated and removed the bald faced hornet nest, I treated the surrounding area to kill off any of the remaining hornets not in the nest at the time of treatment.

We then clean up the area and return to the service van for a close-up view of the inner workings of the nest. This nest had all of the developmental stages of the bald faced hornet from egg to larva to adults.

Hornet Larva
Hornet Larva

It was really fascinating to open up the white caps of the comb and find adults ready to emerge as well as pre-adults still developing. You can even see the worm-like larva moving around.

Without the adult members of the nest being there, there was no chance that any of the stages in the nest would survive. That being said, I always find dead hornets in my garage when I take a nest home. This is because the adults that were about to emerge before the treatment still emerge from the nest but are not very strong so they do not survive.

My wife HATES that I bring so many bald faced hornets nests home! We are the EXPERTS at treating and removing hornets, yellow jackets, wasp, and bee nests.

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