Yellow jacket nest in wall of garage

Yellow Jacket Nest in Wall of Garage

This yellow jacket nest was inside the wall of the garage in Newtown Square PA. The yellow jackets could be seen coming and going from a hole in the ground outside the wall. The tenants were finding live and dead yellow jackets in the garage which indicated that the nest was in the wall.

After I put on my sting prevention suit, I injected PT PI directly into the hole outside where the yellow jackets were entering the garage wall. I then moved inside the garage and treated into a hole in the wall. The wall had several soft spots where I suspected the nest was located.

Using my drywall saw, I opened the wall up a little bit to expose the nest and continue treating. Once the noise inside the wall subsided a bit, I created a larger opening and started to remove the nest. The nest was stacked in the wall.

yellow jacket newtown square
yellow jacket nest removal in wall of garage

The wall cavity was was on 4″ deep so the combs of the nest were also not very deep. The yellow jackets made their nest tall because they couldn’t make it any deeper. Once the nest was removed, I removed the paper debris and dead yellow jackets from the wall void.

Yellow jacket nest in wall of garage
Yellow jacket nest in wall of garage

I then apply a long term residual insecticide dust into the wall cavity to kill any stragglers that make their way into the wall. Tape is then used to close off the opening and prevent yellow jackets from entering the garage.

This yellow jacket nest was located in Newtown Square Pennsylvania which is in Delaware County in South Eastern Pennsylvania. We were able to treat and remove this yellow jacket nest so the tenants could use their garage again without fear of being stung.

yellow jacket nest newtown square
yellow jacket nest removed from wall of garage

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