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Hornet Nest on Roof

This MASSIVE bald faced hornet nest was under the soffit on a home in Newtown Square Pennsylvania. The nest was located above the second story roof under a soffit vent.

Since the nest was not able to be reached by ladder alone, I had to get onto the roof to treat and remove the nest. The nest was located on a steep section of roof that required me to get onto the front of the house and climb my way to the backside of the home.

Newtown Square PA Exterminator
Newtown Square PA Exterminator

Once I was within reach of the nest, I sat down and scooted toward the hornet nest. Getting close to the nest was the only way to effectively treat and remove the bald face hornet nest. Using PT PI, I injected directly into the main nest opening. Hornets immediately began exiting the nest. Most of them were dead or dying within a few seconds of treatment. Quick killing action is the best method to safely treat and remove a hornet nest.

hornet nest newtown square
hornet nest on roof in newtown square pa

Once the nest was treated, I used my scraper tool to dislodge the nest from the soffit. The paper outer layer of the nest easily came loose from the soffit but the internal combs remained firmly attached. Removing the comb was more difficult than removing the paper outer layer. Bald Face Hornets firmly attach their nests to the structure to prevent them from dislodging during wind and storms.

After the nest was removed, I applied a long term residual insecticidal dust to the area. This will kill the remaining hornets that were out of the nest during the treatment. The remaining hornets will be dead and gone within a day or two after the treatment. Since the nest was located above the roof, there was no danger to people from the remaining hornets.

hornett nest newtown square
bald faced hornet nest on roof in Newtown Square PA

Another successful hornet treatment and removal service performed by Prudential Pest Solutions! We are the EXPERTS at treating and removing wasp, bee, yellow jacket, and hornets nests.

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