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Hornet Nest Removal Malvern PA

This bald faced hornet nest was built on the front of the home above the garage. The client, located in Malvern Pennsylvania, noticed the nest about 15 feet above the ground.

We needed an extension ladder, bee suit, scraper, and chemical to treat and remove this bald faced hornet nest. The chemical we use is PT PI from the BASF company.

When you approach a bald faced hornet nest, the hornets will immediately come out to defend the nest against any possible threat. In this case, when we placed the ladder near the nest, the hornets came flying out to defend their home. After a minute or two the hornets calm down and you can carefully and slowly approach the nest.

hornet removal malvern
hornet removal expert malvern pa

I like to apply the chemical directly into the opening of the nest at first. This creates a dam of dead hornets that traps the rest of the colony inside of the nest. I then puncture into the side of the paper nest and apply chemical into the whole nest. This approach only works when you use a chemical that kills quickly and permeates the entire nest.

hornet treatment malvern
hornet treatment malvern pa

Once the hornets inside of the nest are dead, it is time to begin removing the nest from the structure. In this case, I simply used a paint scraper to remove the nest. I always like to see the inner workings of a bald faced hornet nest.

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