Yellow Jacket Treatment Chester County

Prudential Pest Solutions offers effective yellow jacket treatment in Chester County. We always treat the safety of your family, pets, and the environment as our highest priority. Depending on the species of yellow jacket you are dealing with, we can formulate an exact treatment method.

Pest Control Chester County
Pest Control Chester County

Yellow Jacket nest in the ground

When the yellow jacket nest is located under ground, it can make for a hazardous situation. Stinging insects like yellow jackets will often form an underground nest under bushes, tree roots, or sometimes in the middle of the lawn. Our treatments for these type of yellow jacket nests usually involve applying an insecticidal dust to the nest.

Dusts, as opposed to sprays, are a way to treat the specific nest and not impact the surrounding environment. The dust, when applied using a professional applicator, penetrates and permeates the entire subterranean nest. The yellow jackets located inside of the nest will come in contact with the dust and will expire.

Depending on the time of day of the treatment, there may be hundreds of yellow jackets outside of the nest during the treatment. Not to worry, when the yellow jackets return to their nest they will contact the dust and the nest will be exterminated. It is not uncommon to see a few yellow jackets a day or two after treatment.

Yellow Jacket Treatments that won’t hurt bees and other pollinator

Since we use an insecticidal dust to the yellow jacket nest, there is no danger of killing bees or other pollinators. Sprays and aerosols can get on leaves and flowers near the yellow jacket nest. These types of sprays can and do kill honey bees and other pollinators. With our pin point, precise treatment, we are able to exterminate the nest and leave the environment and the pollinators unharmed.

Yellow Jacket Nest in a structure or home

When the yellow jacket nest is inside of the wall or ceiling, it can be especially dangerous to the occupants. Our yellow jacket treatments in Chester County will safely and effectively resolve the issue. Yellow jackets tend to build their nests in-between the insulation and back side of the drywall. Over time, the drywall will begin to erode away due to the moisture of the nest above. This can and does lead to yellow jackets entering the house in great numbers.

Yellow Jacket Nest Removal
Removal Yellow Jacket Nest

Prudential Pest Solutions has many different treatment methods for a yellow jacket nest in the house. First is to make sure that your family pets are safe from yellow jackets entering the home. Next we will treat the nest and, if possible, remove the nest from the structure. We then will treat the outside of the home to prevent future infestations. Finally, a thorough cleanup of the area will conclude the yellow jacket treatment.

Yellow Jacket Treatments are not DIY projects

Yellow jackets are stinging insects that will defend their nest aggressively. Unlike honey bees, yellow jackets can continue to sting as they attack. There can be hundreds and even thousands of yellow jackets in the nest. A professional yellow jacket exterminator, like Prudential Pest Solutions, should be called to perform the work.

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Yellow Jacket Exterminator Chester County

We offer yellow jacket pest control, exterminating, and removal services to Chester County. Our fully licensed and insured technicians will find the yellow jacket nest and destroy it effectively and safely. Our first priority is always the safety or your family, pets, and the environment.

If you live or work in Chester County and have a yellow jacket problem, give us a call or send us a message today!

Yellow Jacket Nest Removal
Yellow Jacket Nest Removal

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