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We offer termite control services in Hummelstown PA.  Whether you live close to Indian Echos Cavern, or Hershey, we have a termite service for you.

Hummelstown Termite Experts

Termites can and do cause significant damage to homes in and around the Hummelstown area. Prudential Pest Solutions are termite experts that can treat and protect your home from termites for years to come!

Termidor HE Certified Professional
termidor he certified professional

Hummelstown Termidor Certified Professionals

Termidor is the best product on the market for treating and eliminating termite infestations. We are Termidor Certified Professionals that use the best product and our professional equipment to treat your home.

Termidor HE Treatments
Termidor HE Treatments

Termite Treatments and Services in Hummelstown

We provide a full range of termite treatment and control services in Hummelstown including:

Termite Protection
Termite Protection and Warranties

Termite Treatment Service Areas

We service Hummelstown and the surrounding area. We also provide termite control services to South Eastern and South Central Pennsylvania including:

Hummelstown Termite Exterminators

Termite PreTreatment for new construction

Prudential Pest Solutions is a veteran and family owned and operated termite treatment company that services Hummelstown and the surrounding areas.

As a Marine Corps Veteran with a degree in Biology from Penn State University, I promise you haven’t met a termite exterminator like me before!

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