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Termite Bora Care Treatment Reading PA

Inactive termite damage was discovered when a contractor was gutting a basement. The home had been previously treated years ago and when the contractors were removing the old walls and ceiling in the basement, they discovered termite damage.

The termite damage was on some of the floor joists above and on a wooden panel. Before the contractors opened up and exposed these areas, there was a ceiling and wall covering the termite damage.

When I performed my initial inspection, I did not find any evidence of live termites or an active termite infestation. The previous termite treatment was effective. Since the contractors had the area exposed, we all agreed that a localized spot treatment to the damaged areas and the exposed wood was a good course of action.

termite damage in wall

Typically, for an active termite infestation, we would apply Termidor to the exterior foundation of the home. In this case, since the contractors were going to install walls and ceiling, and because the infestation was not active, we decided to apply a product called Bora Care.

Bora Care is a borate based salt solution that penetrates deep into the wood. This is a great product to use for a localized spot treatment for termites and other wood destroying insects.

Termite Damage Reading PA

We also like to use Bora Care on the interior of homes because it is more eco-friendly since its active ingredient is a borate as opposed to a strong chemical. Bora Care is added to water and must be mixed thoroughly before applying. This is because Bora Care is a very thick, viscous solution when it is poured directly from the concentrate container it comes in.

We use a paint mixer attached to our cordless drill to ensure proper mixing a thorough solution. You could apply the mixed Bora Care solution with a hand sprayer or commercial sprayer. We like to use an electric paint gun to apply the Bora Care. The paint gun is designed to apply a thicker product (paint) and uses air to push the Bora Care onto the surface we are treating.

termite damage in wooden wall

If we were to put the Bora Care into our commercial hand sprayers, we run the risk of clogging the piping and the applicator tips resulting in more clean-up time and possible equipment damage. Using the paint gun, we apply the Bora Care solution to the damaged wood and the exposed wood in the nearby area.

The Bora Care penetrates into the wood and will provide years and years of protection against Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Wood Beetles such as Powder Post Beetles. After the treatment was completed, the contractors were able to confidently install the ceiling and walls knowing that the previous damage was treated and the area was protected against future infestations.

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Reading PA Termite Professionals

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